Parent & Professional Testimonials

"The therapists at Bridge Kids are amazing. Aside from their talent and knack in engaging children and making ‘work’ fun, they are very knowledgeable and current in their respective disciplines. They are truly invested in your child’s development, and value the parent/family’s role in carrying over programs at home so that skills are taught with consistency. It is wonderful to feel like an active and respected part of my son’s therapeutic team, and to work with therapists that can provide answers to our seemingly never ending questions and concerns. Our son has made tremendous progress and always leaves his sessions smiling!"  

-Thankful Mom

"I cry today not because I am helpless, which was the reason before I received services from the Bridge Kids  team, but because I am so proud of my son every time he displays growth in his physical, emotional and verbal communication."

-New York City Mom

"Bridge Kids therapists changed my family's life forever.  My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 15 months old.  I had many different therapists and finally found the perfect fit with Bridge Kids!  My only regret was not finding them sooner.  Communication with therapists is so important and these therapists' lines were always open.  I still email them time to time with pictures and milestones my son accomplishes because I know the building blocks my son was taught by them still have an impact in his future.  They truly have a special place in my family's heart. 

Having a child on the spectrum makes you truly appreciate the little things like eating with a spoon or saying 'hello'. Bridge Kids worked on the 'little things' that truly make a difference in your child's and family's life.  Seeing the difference before and after is truly amazing.  The Bridge Kids therapists care deeply for the family as a whole by giving you tools to work with your own children. 

A remarkable group of therapists who all work together with a common denominator - your child's best interest." 

-Luke's Mom

"I have been fortunate enough to work closely with one of the founders of Bridge Kids, so I have been able to see first hand how professional, effective and appropriate the quality of service she provides is.  She is intelligent, warm, experienced, and has an uncanny instinct as to how to recognize and address issues in young children with developmental delays.  I recommend her services to all of my clients.  The strides made by the children and families she dedicates her time to are unparalleled.  Anyone would be lucky to have her on their child's case."

-Early Childhood Educator

"My daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 22 months old.  The day she turned two, I handed Mackenzie over to Bridge Kids of New York therapists.  I was terrified and heart broken, but my gut told me these were professionals who had thoroughly answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns with honesty and empathy.  They alleviated my anxiety and calmed my fears.

When my daughter met these therapists, she had no language, no social skills, and lacked many other basic skills.  She was not waving, smiling, clapping, or making eye-contact.  After a few weeks of services, we had 10 words.  Mackenzie said 'mama' for the first time--this was my miracle!  By the three month mark, we had over 50, and she was beginning to combine words.  

These therapists gave my daughter (and my family) hope.  Not only did we have quality care, experienced clinicians, and a compassionate and dedicated team, but we had a group of women making miracles with our child.  I believe they gave me back my child by teaching her what does not always come naturally to children on the autism spectrum.  They saw her strengths, not her disability.  Mackenzie is now in an integrated program, excelling academically and making strides socially.  We are forever grateful to this team and recommend them to every parent whose child needs extra support."

-Mackenzie's Mom

*these unsolicited testimonials have been provided by previous clients*