As experts in their respective disciplines, our  therapists are often requested to provide Program Evaluations in public and private school settings.  These evaluations can be requested by parents, education attorneys, medical professionals, and/or special needs advocates.  The purpose of these evaluations is to objectively determine if the child's educational setting is appropriate to meet their learning needs.  A Program Evaluation can consist of some or all of the following: 

  • Classroom Observation (including comprehensive data collection)
  • Parent Interview
  • Teacher Interview
  • Related Service Provider Interview
  • Intensive Records Review
  • Home Therapy Observation
  • Direct Standardized and/or Information Assessment
  • Comprehensive Written Report
  • Participation in IEP Meetings
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Our team takes great pride in completing thorough analyses of all information gathered during the evaluation to report specifically as to whether the child is receiving an appropriate educations.  Results from these analyses allow our therapists to make clinically-sound recommendations regarding what each child requires in order to learn. 

To request a Program Evaluation please contact or